Summer Farm

I love growing my own food. Since I start everything from seed, my garden planning starts in January. I am always amazed how food starts from such a small speck, into something I can eat for a meal. Growing vegetables organically has been a challenge and I am inspired by the farmers who can do this, and do this well. 

Last summer my team at LPK and I visited a CSA farm close to Cincinnati, Ohio. The following photos come from 'A Place on Earth CSA.' We spent a few hours with the farmer, listening to his thoughts on the modern day food system.

My team was shooting a video for a startup B-Corp, Biophilia. 'Biophilia is all about building a fair and sustainable food system by changing the way we produce, trade and consume food.' Bilophilia will be a 'concept store that provides direct market access to 8,000 farmers and food producers from the U.S. and around the world, enabling consumers to become agents of positive change. Ten percent of total profit generated by the store will be invested through the Biophilia Farmer Fund to support farmers and create new initiative in regenerative and sustainable agriculture.' Click here to support Biophilia

Take a look below from my visit.